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Empowerment Coaching & Christian Counseling.

I believe that once you know what your true desire and compassion is in your life then you are half way to discovering your purpose. There are many resources and tools available for those looking for a purpose filled life. The most important resource is getting to know yourself and another is accepting the fact that you were created during one of God's Inspirational Moments. He created you before your parents conceived you. Have you been sleeping on you and your greatness. Wake Up! Step Up! Rise Up! and tap into your creativity and be empowered through God centered counseling, coaching and training for breakthrough results.


If you are ready....We are HERE.

Its time to rediscover, and rejuvenate your life. 

 We offer specialize coaching and counseling uniquely for you. We also offer coaching and training designed for you and/or team.

Check out our new coaching classes and workshops

Our Mission
Our Mission is to help you reach your full potential
of your designed purpose. To help you become the
Inspired Creation you were designed to be. 

  • Individual or Group Coaching, Counseling & Training Sessions​ 

  • Grief & Loss Counseling

  • Spiritual & Emotional Counseling

  • Career & Purpose Coaching & Counseling

  • Empowerment Life Coaching & Counseling

  • Self Esteem/Confidence Counseling

  • Leadership Training 

  • We help you plan, rejuvenate, and rediscover your purpose in life.

  • Our individual sessions are created to inspire you, to restore self-esteem, and build confidence in life.

  • We help you to effectively reach goals and fulfill your vision. 

  • We help you discover the Unique Inspired Creation that you are purposed to be.

  • We help you heal from past hurts and pains that are preventing from your from moving forward.

Group Sessions


   We can come to your local location. We also host group sessions online. 


 Grief & Loss Counseling 

"Healing Through Loss"

  • "Hope that Heals" is Healing through loss is an effective proven grief and loss coaching model. 

  • The client meets bi-weekly or monthly online for empowerment grief coaching.  

  • Each coaching session is designed to help you cope after a loss in your life.

  • Small online group settings available.


Team Building Coaching

"Together Everyone Achieves More"


  • Next level but need goal setting and guidance.
  • Transform your leadership style.
  • Empower leaders to work with their team to identify needed change and growth. 
  • We help you create a vision through inspiration and commitment.
  • Transformation leadership

Leadership training and coaching offered to businesses, schools, and churches.

Will equip leaders to lead a team with integrity and compassion. 

Additional Services

Preaching Engagements

Vision Board Parties 



Inspired Creations 
Ongoing Private or
Group Sessions
Group Grief & Loss
"Hope That Heals"

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"Boundaries "Group Coaching & Training Sessions

Do you struggle with when to say Yes and How To Say NO! Sign up for this small group session based off of Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend book, "Boundaries" Online Sessions will be held January 2024 This training is offered for only $80.00 each participant must purchase their own book and  a study guide will be provided.

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Our Products and Services

This is just a small sample of what our counseling center offers:

"Stepping Forward on This Grief Journey"

Individual Grief Counseling Sessions

Short description: Loss along the journey is inevitable. How we move forward after the loss is important. During these individual counseling sessions. You will rediscover and restore yourself and learn how to cope and heal through Christ from the loss that occurred in your life. You will develop healthy and productive ways to grieve and heal in an effective way.  These individual sessions are a minimum six sessions and are a hour and half long each. Counseling is available remotely or in person. Each session is reasonably priced at $65.00 for 1.5 hr. 

(a sliding scale payment option is also available)

Location: United States

 "Inspired To Be ME!"- All about the BOUNDARIES

Adults suffer from peer-pressure as well as children. It's important to recognize what habits you have formed that limit your time to focus on actions that are important in life. Have you taken on too much because you don't have appropriate boundaries in place?  Not being able to say NO can delay growth and could be negative for your success in life. This course will teach you how to recognize your weaknesses in boundary setting and optimize your potential in setting them. 

*Please call for pricing*

Unique Empowerment & Confidence Counseling

  • "Mirror Mirror" Emotional Self Esteem Counseling 

  • " Care Connections" Care Ministry Implementation

  • "Confidence Within" Setting boundaries with confidence.

  • Other unique coaching, counseling, and training is available

 Inspired Creations Therapeutic Center LLC Is a coaching practice that offers more than just coaching & counseling we offer unique results with compassion. 

" You can only cross a bridge by moving forward"

Session Prices

Counseling and Coaching Sessions are from $45-$75 per hour. All sessions are recommended bi-weekly, unless requested otherwise.  Group sessions are $45 per hour for each attendee. Contact us with any questions.

Share a cup of tea with me as we talk about your next move. These  sessions are designed to help you focus on you and what you desire to achieve. Talk & Tea is either a coaching or counseling session that you can leave saying that you learned more about yourself and that while sipping your tea you reflected on learning the possibilities, promises, and that you planned and pursued your ambitions. You will agree to accept and acknowledged what an exceptional and inspired creation you were designed to be. Each session is $50.00 per hour. Book with me today, invite me to your tea party. Together we can explore and excel to greatness☕

Tea & TALK Purpose Empowerment 

Counseling & Coaching Sessions

Loving The Inspired YOU!💗

Sometimes we need to be reminded of our greatest gifts and the vessel that they are stored in. Have you lost your passion for life and yourself. Once you discover your gifts and talents you will learn to love yourself and graciously use your gifts and talents with purpose. Contact me about Love Yourself Again Empowerment Coaching. I believe we can create coaching sessions that are unique just 4U.

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