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Empowerment Moments

The Value of Time

Each moment in a day has its own value. Morning brings HOPE. Afternoon brings FAITH. Evening brings LOVE. Night brings REST. I pray that you find them all.


When we remember whose we are, WE can BECOME who we are suppose to be. We are more than conquers we are EMPOWERED for greatness TO OPERATE in and through the IMPOSSIBLE, INSPIRED ,and IRREPLACEABLE OVERFLOW of greatness.

The Bridge Builders

At sometime in life we need to build a bridge to reach our next destination. A bridge is a structure built to span physical obstacles and sometimes mental obstacles without closing the way to your destination. Often we notice that the obstacles that have been obscuring our path are objects in our lives that we simply cant avoid, like our past. It would be hard to deny that life sometimes deal bad hands and that bad things happen to good people. Although there may be issues in your life at this very moment, those issues should not play such a detrimental part in your life that you cant either resolve them or move past them. I am an advocate for moving forward in life. I encourage you to move to your next level. I believe that if it takes building a bridge and crossing over to avoid a few things you have what it takes. You deserve to celebrate YOU in a good place, because you are an inspired creation.

Wendea Ringer, your unique coach.

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